Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photo prints for Second Chances.

Since we all decided to go ahead with the Second Chances flea market to support Atiqah, I have been wondering what I could contribute to sell. I can't really cook or bake or sew and the last time I did handicrafts I superglued my finger to an ice cream stick.

I have thus decided that I will contribute some of the photos I have taken to sell as prints, with all profits going towards the Save Atiqah campaign.

These photos can be printed either 8R or 4R size. 8R prints are going for S$10 each, and 4R S$5 each. They can be picked up at the flea market on the 10th of April at The Pigeonhole.

#1 - Buddhas in Pak Ou Caves, Laos

#2 - A Sleepy Cat

#3 - The Fun Guy

#4 - Cosy by the Fire

#5 - Girl, Bangladesh

#6 - The Old Man

#7 - Boy, Bangladesh

#8 - My Cat and His Pillow

#9 - Peeking Through

The numbers and titles of the photographs are listed under the previews. To pre-order, please email to webelieveinsecondchances[at]gmail[dot]com with the photo numbers, the size (8R or 4R) and the quantity wanted. Thank you!

- kirsten

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