Saturday, December 18, 2010


The generator's been picked up. Tonight two of us are going to pick up the sound system (seeing that neither of us drive, something really simple is turning into a bit of a logistical nightmare). We've got the guestbook for people to write messages in. The banners are all ready. The performers are lined up. We're all registered with NParks. We've got the T-shirts, wristbands and badges. Everyone's fingers – plus toes – are crossed for good weather.

Apart from the weather which we have no control over, everything is coming together for Second Chances in the Park, and we hope that you'll help us make the event a successful one by joining us tomorrow. After all, there's plenty to celebrate this season – it's Christmas, we're alive, we're young, we're blessed, we're happy, GDP is up, exams are over, etc. etc. And of course, CELEBRATE SECOND CHANCES! :D

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